In Movie Theaters This Weekend

Game Night:  Break out the Tostitos and Guacamole, Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams have turned Game Night into a Fun Night Out.

Being a fan of stupid humor comedy I was very excited to see this one.  Fortunately, it did not disappoint.  Not only were the 3 couples trying to solve the mystery of their game night, but also trying to solve the problems within their relationships.  And that added some great side stories to this one.

So far in 2018 there really hasn’t been any comedies out, so this one sets the bar pretty high because it is A Must See Movie.


Annihilation: This one is based on the Southern Reach Trilogy and stars Natalie Portman but science fiction can be tough when it comes to movies. There has to be something about the film that gets me to believe or buy into the story they’re telling. For the most part this one did that.

It maintained a very slow and steady pace throughout, with more than a few good “flinch” in your seat moments that I wasn’t expecting. As the movie goes on I found myself more intrigued by the story and where it was going. However, the ending left a little to be desired, I was hoping for a bigger finish. I guess if I had read the books I would have known that.

Even though I did enjoy this one, personally I don’t see myself running out to see it again any time soon. That’s why for me this one is Not A Must See Movie.