In Movie Theaters This Weekend…

Hereditary:  The best horror film I’ve seen in a long while.  It starts kinda slow but when it picks up, the evil literally smacks you right in the face.  Amazing performances from the entire cast that will have you saying a lil prayer before bed time and then sleep with the lights on… A Must See Movie.

Oceans 8:  Debbie Ocean has been devising the biggest heist of her life. She knows what it’s going to take and puts together a crew of specialists, including jeweler Amita, street con Constance, suburban mom Tammy, hacker Nine Ball, and fashion designer Rose. Their target — a necklace that’s worth more than $150 million.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor:  This was a fascinating look at the life and career of Fred Rogers… Better known simply as, Mr. Rogers.  From how the show was created to the affects that it had on those who watched it.  The struggles to create ways children can learn and understand about the things going on around them.  How he went from a local television celebrity to a national treasure.  Not only is this one of the best documentary’s this year, it is actually one of the best movies, by far… it is a Must See Movie that is playing exclusively this weekend at Harkins Camelview @ Fashion Square Mall.

Hotel Artemis:  In 2028 Los Angeles, Hotel Artemis is a members only hospital for criminals, that is run by Jodie Fosters character The Nurse.  What was supposed to be a thrilling action, mystery film, for me, wasn’t much of either one.  I liked the idea, but it dragged along so much that I found myself just wanting them to keep moving on to get to something and anything exciting.  And it did, near the end, but that excitement ended as quickly as it began.  There’s an great cast here, but nothing the did could make this film great… Hotel Artemis is Not A Must See Movie this weekend.

American Animals:  Based on an actual true story of four young men who tried to pull off one of the biggest art heists in US history.  Initially, I was intrigued by this one.  I enjoyed how they included the real life people involved, telling there side of the story, along with the recreation of it all.  Kinda like they do on a lot of tv shows I watch.  I couldn’t help but to think “WTF were these guys thinking?”… and as the film went on, I thought “WTF are these guys doing?”  I did like this one, a bit, but the slow pace at which it started never picked up enough for me to really get into it.  Granted American Animals is good movie, however, it’s Not A Must See Movie.  This one is also playing exclusively this weekend only at Harkins Camelview @ Fashion Square Mall.