Costco is much more than you thought!

Health Insurance? Free payroll services? Kirkland brand is top brands just in a different wrapper? Wait? What? Click the link to find out not just what you’re saving, but also what you can get for free at Costco!

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Save a life from a hot car! MUST SEE VIDEO ARIZONA!

This is a MUST SEE VIDEO! Jeff Rossen show us just how quickly a car gets hot in 80 degrees, much less over 100! Knowing this information and tips on how to rescue a child or animal if you see them locked in a hot car, just might save a life. Please share this video […]

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Great ideas to stay cool this summer!

  Looking for ways to cope with extreme heat here in the desert? Click the link below to find out what you can do and where you can go around the valley and still enjoy living here during the grueling summer months. http://phoenix.about.com/od/natureandenvironment/u/summer.htm    

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Free food for kids in Arizona!

Summer Lunch Buddies has officially started in AZ! Did you know that 1 in 4 children in Arizona don’t know where their next healthy meal will come from? Starting today kids 18 and under can get a FREE meal! No registration required and NO COST. Click the link below for a list of locations all […]

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Travel Arizona this summer!

Not enough time to take a long trip this summer? Maybe the kids are in summer school? Looking for places to go just for a long weekend? Look no further. Here are 14 places to take a mini-vacay right in our beautiful state of Arizona. Take a look and plan your next trip!  

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