Your Quick & Simple Review: Dunkirk

DUNKIRK:  In 1940, Germany has moved into France and now the 400,000 Allied troops are trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk. British and French forces cover the troops on the ground and in the sky as they are slowly evacuated from the beach using every available naval and civilian boat that can be found.

For the second time in almost as many weeks, here is another film that, from the first trailer, I had no interest in viewing.  But I’m glad I didn’t skip it.

There was something very different about this war film.  You have three different points of view goin on at the same time from the ground, sea and air.  And seemed to be very little dialogue.  Which I really liked because it added to the intensity that was building up as each scene went on.  As they were jumping back and forth to the different points of view it just kept building and building… I think Hans Zimmer should get a lot of credit for that with his musical score because it did add something extra, in a very good way, to each scene.

Although there were some familiar names in this one like Academy Award Winner Mark Rylance and Tom Hardy, I appreciated all the new faces.  For me, that sometimes helps to believe the performance.  The only draw back to this one is that because they all had a British accent I had a hard time understanding some of the things they were saying but that was easily overcome just by paying attention to what was going on…. And what was goin on was really good.

That’s why I’m saying that Dunkirk is A Must See Movie this weekend