Your Quick & Simple Review: “KIN”

After the death of their father, Jimmy (Jack Reynor), an ex-con and his adopted teenage brother, Elijah (Myles Truitt) go on the run from a vengeful criminal and a gang of otherworldly soldiers.

When one goes to a sci-fi movie, you expect to see something that actually resembles sci-fi.  Even though Kin starts off in that general direction, it quickly loses sight of it to become a simple, not very interesting, drama. Although it had potential, here and there, to be a much better movie, the Baker boys, kept it on a slow steady pace and didn’t use the cast or even the, out of this world, weapon the way they should have.

James Franco, makes a good bad guy.  I would have liked to see more of him.  The “soldiers”, seemed to be a forgotten entity, until the very end.  If they had included them in more of the movie, instead of going with trying to create this endearing “Rainman” connection between the two brothers, Kin could have been a film worth watching.  Including any squeal that it looked like they were trying to set up.