Your Quick & Simple Review: “Life Of The Party”

When her husband suddenly dumps her, Deanna (Melissa McCarthy) takes a chance and goes back to college. Unfortunately, Deanna decides to go to the same school as her less-than-thrilled daughter. After fully embracing her new journey, “D-Rock” dives right into all the experiences of campus life… The fun, the freedom and the boys.

Usually I tend to like Melissa’s films, even if they aren’t the greatest thing ever made.  So when I go into another one of her film’s I know what I should be getting.  However, this time, I was pretty disappointed.

Maybe I’ve hit that threshold where over the top and over enthusiastic humor isn’t funny anymore.  But I really hope not.  I just don’t even recall laughing out loud or even giving a small chuckle.  Granted there were a couple of fun moments, that had me smiling, it wasn’t enough to say I really liked this one though.  However, I did notice that many of the audience members were enjoying themselves.  That’s always a good sign.

Personally, the highlight for me was getting to see Gillian Jacobs and Jessie Ennis from my favorite Netflix show, LOVE, were part of the cast.  Again, that didn’t save this one for me.  I would hope that when you have a title like “Life Of The Party” you would actually make it fun, like a party… This one didn’t.  That’s why I’m gonna have to say that this is Not A Must See Movie.