Your Quick & Simple Review: “The Equalizer 2”

Robert McCall’s (Denzel Washington) past cuts close to home when thugs kill his best friend and former colleague, Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo).  Now out for revenge, McCall must take on a familiar crew of trained assassins who’ll stop at nothing to destroy him.

I say this time and time again… You can never go wrong with a Denzel film… even though I liked EQ2, it had moments that almost lost me.  I liked how right off the bat they remind you of Robert McCall is capable of.  However, after that it kind of takes its time getting back to that as they build up the story.  Which in itself was interesting, because in a film like this you wanna pay attention for the clues that help you stay involved with the story.  Since the clues in EQ2 were pretty obvious, that lowered the intrigue level, and now you’re just sitting waiting to see how it all plays out.

Thanks to Denzel bringing another top notch performance and young Ashton Sanders (Moonlight), The Equalizer 2 is still and enjoyable film.  Although it most likely be on the top of your, must see again, list, it will be one that you won’t think was a waste of your time.