Your Quick & Simple Review: “The First Purge”

Now we got to see how the chaos began.  In order to reduce the crime rate, the New Founding Fathers of America try a theory that allows civilians vent their aggression for one night in one isolated community.

In this 4th film of the series, they take us back in time to see how this most outrageous idea came to be.  Granted it wasn’t the worst of the 4, but that’s not saying much since none of them are actually any good.  But, because they don’t cost much money to make and people keep going to see them, it continues.

Once again we have an over the top story line, that if you’re a fan of the series, you’ve already come to expect and accept.  I found myself, watching and thinking, why are they just walking casually through the middle of the street and acting like they’re trying not to be seen and totally scared?  Personally, the best part of the story… (Spoiler Alert)… was when the Street Soldiers came in to save the day.  The action in that sequence was the only thing that really made the movie worth anything.  Too bad it was at the end.

One thing The First Purge has going for it, is a built in audience.  And even though this is Not A Must See Movie, for Purge fans, however, it will be.