Your Quick & Simple Review: “The Happytime Murders”

Warning:  Not A Movie For Children.

Two former police partners, one human (Melissa McCarthy) and the other a puppet, must work together to solve the murders of former cast members of a beloved classic puppet television show.

Since 2015’s Spy, Melissa hasn’t had anything that made me actually Laugh Out Loud.  I actually didn’t have I hopes for this one either.  But to my surprise, and the fact that I can appreciate crude & stupid humor, I enjoyed this one.  The first part of the movie I couldn’t stop laughing, however, as it went on, it started settled down.  Fortunately in the final act, as they solved case, they came back around to making it hilarious again.  Melissa and her puppet co-stars were non-stop with the inappropriate jokes, and during the the slower parts of the film they had those well timed one liners that keeps you from being giving up on it.

Although this won’t become an all time classic comedy, I think it will do the trick for those fans out there, like me, that appreciate this kind of humor.  And again I say, because some parents will think because it has puppets in it, it’s for kids… This Is Not A Film For Children……. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.